Russell Jarmesty


Martial Arts Man of the Year 2017 as recognised by The British Martial Arts Awards and owner /chief instructor at Jarmesty Martial Arts Academy, Russ also has an award winning DVD boxset called Brutal Bouncer.


  • Multiple time Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee
  • Holds Dan grades in Karate (burnt them) and Jujutsu (reluctantly accepted)
  • City centre doorman for 15 years and worked security for the likes of Frank Bruno
  • Runs a full time martial arts centre and teaches all ages and abilities
  • Teaches practical applied Jujutsu and street techniques and coaches kickboxing and MMA competitors
  • Teachers include the great Trevor Roberts (8th Dan Hanshi)

Russ runs the JMA Academy in Atherton and is one of the country’s most sought-after reality combat instructors.

His laid back teaching and sense of humour make him a popular instructor, but at the heart of his teaching is practical unarmed combat skills that were tried and tested on the streets.