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kru.leroy Narong Gym Netherlands Kootwijkerbroek  

By kru.leroy, 3 months  ago

Business Opportunities
  I own a Gym in the Netherlands it is called Narong Gym Kickboksen Kootwijkerbroek. I teach selfdefense and kickboxing classes to youth and adults i also do some Jiu Jitsu now and then. Working togethe...
kru.leroy Hello i am Leroy van Wermeskerken  

By kru.leroy, 3 months  ago

New Members
  Hello my name is Leroy van Wermeskerken and i am a kickboxing instructor at Narong Gym Kootwijkerbroek in the Netherlands.  I teach kickboxing and Muay Thai and also personal training and selfdefense....
TrueAbilities Let's start talking  

By TrueAbilities, 3 months  ago

Adaptive Martial Arts
  Hello All, I am interested in discussing the experiences, concerns and successes of other instructors who have or are currently providing adaptive martial arts instruction. I Personally have been teac...
MartialArtsGuardian Welcome to the MAG forum!  

By MartialArtsGuardian, 5 months  ago

New Members
  Hi Everyone, welcome to the MAG forum!  If you have a suggestion for a new category or forum to be added then please contact us. Please keep things clean and respect the opinions of others - Internet ...





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