Shammi Rana is appointed as Rapporteur of Unesco Traditional Sports and Games  


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12/01/2018 7:14 pm  
Shammi Rana is appointed as Rapporteur of Unesco Traditional Sports and Games to promote Unesco's Mandate on Traditional Sports and Games.Mr Rana also a Secretary General of Asian Belt Wrestling Federation and being Promoter Mr Rana is promoting Belt Wrestling as martial arts and Traditional Sports and Games. 
To say that Mr. Rana has carved out a remarkable career is an understatement.
His unique role as an internationally respected Public Relations Expert / Promoter of
Martial Arts Organizations stems from his experience as a recognized professional athlete
(he has held membership in over 10 martial arts organizations throughout Asia) with over
two decades of work as a promoter of sports, sports organizations, and sports diplomacy.
His career highlights include his appointment as Rapporteur/Secretary General of
UNESCO Traditional Sports and Games (TSG) 2017 Adhoc Committee, where he
supported the United Nation’s goal of promoting international cooperation through sports
diplomacy. Mr. Ranna is also instrumental in establishing the formation of official
martial arts organizations, such as the formation of the Korea Jujitsu Belt Wrestling
Federation, resulting in the country’s first participation ever in the World Jujitsu
Championships held in Malmo, Sweden in 2008. His promotional activities have also
successfully led to the formation of several new member countries—India, Nepal, Sri
Lanka, South Korea, and Bangladesh—of the Asian Belt Wrestling Federation, the
Official Governing Body of Sports Belt Wrestling in Asia.
Mr Rana also appointed as member of Interim Coordination Committee of TSG in PAN America to promote Traditional Sports and Games in PAN America