Andrea F. Harkins


Andrea F Harkins

Name: Andrea F. Harkins a.k.a “The Martial Arts Woman”
Club: Parrish Family Martial Arts, Florida USA
Styles Taught: Tang Soo Do system with aikido and jujitsu
Likes: Positivity and motivating others
Dislikes: Negativity and haters who don’t even know why they hate you, but they do.
Favourite Technique: I am known for my simple but effective kicks. Some say that they are not good for self-defense. I’ve yet had the opportunity to prove or disprove that.
Hidden Talent: Writing Poetry and love songs
Favourite Food: Italian food
Favourite Drink: Coffee. I can’t live without it.
Favourite Film: Rocky
Favourite TV Show: I don’t watch TV
Person I’d most like to train with: Bill “Superfoot” Wallace to work on kicks and too many others to mention here. – blog positivity & martial arts – Main Facebook page – Professional networking

Mission: To make the world a better place through positivity and martial arts

Writer: A prolific writer for 6 martial art magazines, a positivity magazine, a blog and a book, The Martial Arts Woman

Public Figure: An Internationally recognised public figure who has been interviewed by more than 13 martial art and positivity podcasts

Featured in magazines/books:
Touted as a rising star by the World Martial Arts Magazine in 2015
Featured on the cover of the World Martial Arts Magazine in 2016 in recognition for positivity through martial arts mission Featured in Martial Arts Illustrated UK in 2016
Featured in magazine AJL in France, 2017
Featured in 2017 edition of Who’s Who in Martial Arts
Featured in the book, The Great Women in the Martial Arts by Ted Gambordella in July 2017

Blog Awards:
Top 20 Martial Art Blogs and Websites Every Martial Artist Should Follow July, 2017
Beyond Bylines- Blog Profiles, Feb 2017
5 Martial Art Bloggers to Follow in 2016 – Way of Ninja, Jan 2016
North Texas Fisticuffs- Five Best Martial Art Bloggers, Feb 2017

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Inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame for Leading Motivational Speaker/Author/Martial Art Business Expert July 2017
Inducted into the Canadian Hall of Fame as Martial Arts Ambassador, 2017
2nd Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do system; 2nd Degree Black Belt in TaeKwon-Do, and a Tai Chi student
Owner and instructor of Parrish Family Martial Arts
Life coach, brand coach, and motivational speaker
Published Greeting Card Writer, Blue Mountain Arts Cards, July 2017
Andrea’s positivity, martial art experiences, and writing have captured the attention of thousands of friends, fans, and followers, who are motivated and inspired by her succinct and poignant views on martial arts, life, and personal success.